Construction Law

Overview: Focusing on the Resolution of Construction Disputes

I am a strong believers in preventative legal services. We take great care in the details and contingencies to help you avoid litigation and comply with relevant Florida Statutes.

I recognize the wide variety of possible claims in construction law. I can represent you in a variety of construction legal issues, including:

  • Construction liens, bonds or defects
  • Contract negotiations
  • Construction arbitration
  • Florida statutory compliance
  • Contract claims and defense
  • Construction contract drafting and review
  • Construction insurance law
  • Construction litigation
  • Construction mediation
  • Payment bonds and performance bonds
  • Licensing Issues

We will help you through the process of handling a construction law dispute, from informal settlements, to mediation , arbitration, litigation and appeals .

Contract Drafting and Negotiation

Involving our construction law expert attorneys from the outset helps to ensure that construction disputes are avoided before they arise. The Temple Law Firm is experienced in the review, drafting, and negotiation of construction contracts of all types and for all situations. We aim to protect your interests and to address potential problems before they arise.

Construction Dispute Avoidance and Resolution

The Temple Law Firm recognize the wide variety of possible claims in construction law, and are experienced and skilled in negotiating resolutions to any construction disputes that may arise. Our construction law attorneys can assist in the mediation, arbitration, or settlement resolution of any construction disputes that you may be involved with, before litigation even becomes necessary. Our attorneys are widely known and respected in the field, and work hard to resolve your construction law disputes in the most timely and cost effective manner possible.

Construction Litigation, Arbitration, and Appeal

The Temple Law Firm have the specialized skills to represent you in negotiation, mediation, litigation, arbitration, or appeal, regardless of the type or complexity of your construction dispute. These disputes include but are not limited to:

• Construction lien foreclosure and defense

• Construction bond enforcement and defense

• Construction defect litigation

• Construction Contract Drafting

• Construction arbitration

• Florida Construction Law compliance

• Construction licensing complaints and defenses, and processing

• Construction contract claims and defenses

• Construction insurance law

• Construction litigation

• Construction mediation

Our expert construction law attorneys will help you through the process of handling any of the workings of your construction business, as well as resolution of any construction law disputes you are involved with, whether through informal settlement negotiation, to mediation, arbitration, litigation and appeals.

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