The best way to begin your personal injury case is to call  my office to set up your consultation at (305) 833-2920 ; e-mail me at or fill this form  .

I am interested in your questions and we want you to ask them. Sometimes I am required to be out of the office, even for days at a time. When in the office, we meet with clients, complete research, review documents, or prepare contracts, briefs or pleadings.  I do carry my cellphone with me at all times.  Above all, leave a message so we know your concern in advance.

You are entitled to know, to the extent that we can reasonably inform you at your first visit, what your fee will be.  We encourage a frank, open discussion about our fees with each client at the time of the first interview.

Lawyers are paid under various fee arrangements.

Hourly fee:
On an hourly fee basis, fees are based on an hourly rate for services rendered.  A detailed, itemized bill will be given to you showing all work done on your case.  This explanation may come monthly or at the end of your case, whichever way you choose to be billed.  Unless otherwise agreed, the hourly fee basis will be the presumed fee arrangement.

Flat fee:
On a flat fee basis, your legal fee is a stated sum for agreed upon services.  No accounting will be made.

Contingency fee:
On a contingency fee basis, your legal fees will be based on the amount of recovery we get for you; no recovery, no fee.  You may have the option of choosing this plan in lieu of hourly charges.  Not all cases qualify for the contingency basis; we will tell you if yours does.  In either case, we will prepare for you an employment agreement setting forth the fee arrangement.

Other potential fees:
A pre-payment will often be required in order to begin to process your matter and you will be kept advised as to how that pre-payment is being used.  Bills will be sent to you periodically showing your charges and payments.

Certain cases may have a minimum fee.  This means that no hourly accounting will be made unless excess time is expended.

We try to keep legal fees as reasonable as possible.  The amount of services required, however, is not fully within our control.  We discuss with our client options for services and the benefits of services.   Sometimes, however, services are directly related to an opposing party’s action or inaction.  Please feel free to discuss fees with me.

If you have been drinking and are pulled over by an officer, no doubt you have a sinking feeling in your gut. You are instinctively panicking, wondering if tonight your life changes forever… Be polite but firm and explain that you will not participate in the field sobriety tests.

The officer will likely request that you give a “voluntary” breath sample to help him determine if you are under the influence. DO NOT. Explain to him that you do not wish to provide any voluntary evidence but will not refuse any “Mandatory” tests, meaning your chemical tests that you are required to provide under state law once arrested.